Do I Need Travel Protection?


As a travel professional I always recommend Travel Insurance or as we call it in our industry, Travel Protection Insurance. I am not an insurance agent but as a travel professional I am licensed to sell travel insurance by the state of Colorado.

None of us like to think of what could happen which is out of our control before or during our vacation. Travel Insurance gives us a piece of mind just knowing that if something should go wrong you are covered for an eligible claim. There can be a time when your flight is cancelled or delayed. If you have a connecting flight this can be a disaster for some of us. If someone in your travel group needs slips and breaks their hip days before your vacation you could lose the money you invested in your vacation without having this protection. 

Some other things to think about: Is your trip planned during the winter where a snow storm could delay or cancel your vacation? The snow storm doesn’t even need to be in your home state but can cause havoc throughout the air system in other states that you may be connecting with. You could end up missing a connection and need that insurance to catch up to your cruise at the next port. What if a hurricane hit on an island your vacation was planned for and you could not travel. You can be covered for this with the correct insurance policy.

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This one is so very important because it happened to a client of mine last year. They traveled to a very nice family resort with a water park. They decided due to the time of year (no hurricanes) not to take out the insurance. Their 8 year old daughter came down one of the slides and hit the water the wrong way and nearly drowned. She was taken to a near-by hospital where she was put into an induced coma. They wanted to send her back to Houston where the family was from but they did not have the coverage for the medical evacuation. The hospital would no longer treat her because the parents insurance does not cover out of the country care. There bill was already outrageous. For $158 their family could have had full coverage with $500,000 each for mom and daughter to be flown back to the nearest hospital in Houston. The children in a policy are FREE. Dad and son had to take fly back home on their air ticket. The good news, their daughter came out of the coma the next day and after about a week was able to fly back home with mom. Unfortunately, they had to borrow lots of money from their family to be able to check out of the hospital. 

Check with your credit card company or your medical insurance and see what you are covered for. Some will not cover you for out of the country. If you are on Medicare it won’t cover you at all.


Don’t think of travel insurance as an extra expense, but as part of your package. Make sure you understand what it covers. There are many different types of plans so find the one that is best for you and for your travel companions. You invested a lot in your vacation and you want a happy, stress free vacation so why travel without it?

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