Tips on Traveling Smart with your Teenage Grandchild!

A family vacation with your teenage grandchild isn’t just any vacation trip. It is the perfect opportunity for a family time building with more mature relationships while fostering understanding and care. A vacation experience with your grandchild will be different than going on a vacation with younger children!

This is something we just had the wonderful opportunity to experience with our 16-year-old granddaughter. We have traveled several times over the years with many of our grandchildren when they were younger and have always enjoyed the bonding time. But, traveling with a teen has some unique advantages. Teens are naturally curious and open to new experiences and places, often have incredibly different interest which make them great travel companions.

Pure joy after the ride!

Pure joy after the ride!

I’ve come up with a few tips from my experiences that I think will help other grandparents plan a wonderful vacation experience with your teenage grandchildren. Part of travel is letting go of your plans, of your expectations, of your habits and let your teen plan out some of what this vacation should be.

  • Avoid Early Shifts

It’s true – teenagers body clock works on a different time scale than what we may want! Teenagers usually prefer staying up all night and sleeping late into the morning. During vacation time, they may like to catch up on their sleep as they re-schedule their body time clocks to the rest of their vacationing family. Planning early morning activities might make your teen grumpy so try and avoid early morning starts every day.  

  • Internet Access is a Must

This is the multimedia generation. All-day Wi-Fi as I found out, is an utmost necessity for most teenagers. So, make sure your accommodation has accessible internet. This is a must for travel for teens whose whole world will come to a halt if they can’t communicate with their friends on social media, sharing vacation trip images or play their online games. 

  • Do Establish some Budget Space

Do establish some budget limitations early. They are teens with a very casual and sometimes unrealistic idea to spending money on things they feel they “must have”.  Give them a souvenir budget so they don’t go overboard.  

  • Let Them Take the Lead

You are at a foreign place and feelings of freedom and unpredictability may raise one’s confidence to try new experiences. Involve your teen in the trip planning. Allow them to choose some of the tours they are interested in where everyone can enjoy new hands-on experiences; where you can all participate and learn together. By acknowledging your teens preferences and opinions, you increase the likelihood of sharing heart-warming, bonding moments with them. 

Dolphin Adventure at Atlantis Resort-Our teen chose this for the 3 of us and it was fabulous!

Dolphin Adventure at Atlantis Resort-Our teen chose this for the 3 of us and it was fabulous!

At the end of the vacation you just might hear the same words we were blessed with, “Thank you, I never thought I could visit places I only saw on T.V.!”  You want to make this a magical vacation that everyone will treasure the memories forever!

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