Romance Celebrations

There is perhaps no vacation as sacred as getting away with that someone special in your life. Over 35 years ago I told my husband when we were dating to just pack a suitcase and that all he really needed was a swimsuit. He had no idea where we were going on our first vacation together until we arrived at the airport. When it comes to celebrations for couples it doesn’t take long to come up with a reason! There are so many reasons to celebrate our love for one another and to keep that magic burning! 

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Planning an anniversary vacation is almost as romantic as planning a honeymoon. Lucky for us, this just happens to come up once a year so we can have a honeymoon every year! There is always a perfect destination for a memorable anniversary that will be perfect for the two of you. We take care of everything and are able to organize these and other special moments to make sure you enjoy and keep them forever in your hearts and memories. Entrust Travel Journeys to your special occasion and you can put aside concerns, doubts and worries as we will walk side by side holding your hand and making sure everything will follow your desires.

Romantic Getaways

If love is a many-splendored thing—kaleidoscopic experience that’s different for every couple—then so is the romantic vacation. There are almost as many definitions for a “great couples’ getaway” as there are destinations to travel to.

Still, certain trips are almost guaranteed to conjure ideas of togetherness. We’ve seen the images countless times—of couples strolling together along beautiful powdery beach; snuggling in front of fireplace in the mountain resort; wandering hand-in-hand through foreign, cobble stoned streets—yet they manage to retain their magic. There are simply some places, some kinds of adventures, that make us want to fall in love.




Congratulations on Baby makes 3! This is a wonderful time in a couple’s life when a Babymoon Vacation Getaway is taken before the arrival of the baby. It can also be the time to try and just get away with one another to try and conceive a baby. Some couples even use it soon after a baby is born to bond with the new baby and to become a family with their precious bundle of joy.

The purpose of a babymoon is to give yourself time to collect your thoughts as a couple and prepare for the shared responsibility of caring for a newborn.

Popular Babymoon Locations

Beach destinations such as the Bahamas, Caribbean Islands, and Mexico are some of the top destinations primarily because they close to the U.S. and they offer a mixture of relaxation and adventure (walking and swimming) for the pregnant woman and her partner.

• There are many U.S. cities such as Savannah, New Orleans, and Charleston, SC have loads to offer such as walking tours, shopping, fine dining, leisure activities, nightlife, and parks. Even many hotels now have packages just for this so be sure to check with your travel advisor. Even a few days at a wonderful spa with some nice cuisine would do wonders.

• Cruises, like those offered to the Caribbean, Bahamas, and Bermuda, are also popular choices because they offer an indulgent romantic vacation with plenty to do. If you choose to cruise, cruise ships usually have a policy of not allowing pregnant women beyond week 24, so you'll need to plan ahead for this one. The Airlines also have restrictions.

The important thing to remember when planning a babymoon is to:

Contact a travel advisor that can help you with these important plans and be with you the whole way. We can advise you of the current rules of the airlines and other conditions that may need to be taken into consideration. 

  • Get permission from your doctor for the go ahead before making your travel plans

  • Just in case of an emergency, don’t travel too far from home

  • Make sure you choose a babymoon vacation that allows you to rest, rejuvenate, and re-connect with your partner before the busy times ahead

  • If you are traveling out of the country make sure to purchase Travel Protection

This is just a small portion of some of the types of Romance Packages that are available through Travel Journeys.

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