Types of Travel

Single Parents

Single parents face several unique challenges when it comes to vacationing with their kids. While the main goal is to spend quality time together, to bond as a family, you should be able to have some adult fun in the process. From all popular cruises where children of all ages can have fun time at camp to the alone ME time that you can also enjoy is a welcome delight. All-Inclusive resorts are also seeing a huge trend with this market. Many are even offering Single Parent discounts so please ask about this. 

Today’s opportunities to travel as a family are as wide open as your imagination. From warm beaches to bustling cities, every destination offers an experience of a lifetime for a parent and child. Tell us your dreams for your special vacation and we will make your special vacation a memory you will all cherish forever.


Mother and Daughter

I cannot say Thank you enough Joy for all your help, knowledge and hard work putting together our Trip to Paris and Rome. It can be overwhelming when planning a trip so far away from home. You took the stress out of planning and allowed us to just enjoy our mother/daughter trip of a lifetime. We had a great time and will definitely use your services again when traveling!
— Carolynn and Kylie, Castle Rock

A special getaway with mom and daughter can become such a special bond in our children’s life. One that they will remember forever! Whether it is a vacation for your dauthters 16th birthday or for her graduation, nothing is more special than a special trip together. It doesn’t even need to be a special occasion when mom and daughter just love getting away for a week or a weekend. Some of the top locations have been Cruises, All-Inclusive Vacations, A week in Paris for shopping and sightseeing. There are so many possibilities that the possibilities are endless. 

Hey dads there are trips also for father son…think golfing and fishing. 


Best Friends Forever (BFF)

Let's not forget our BFF (Best Friend's Forever). Ladies, vacations away from the everyday life of work and family-- Overdue for a girl’s weekend getaway? Grab your friends and sisters for a grand escape designed to reconnect and recharge your spirits. How about a beach destination for a few days. We have wonderful ideas for that quick getaway.  A few days at an All-Inclusive Resort and what better way than to spoil yourselves than to spend a few hours at a spa. There are so many destinations in the U.S., Caribbean, Mexico or even a cruise--Give us a call and be sure to let us know it is a BFF!


Milestone Celebrations

In the past few years a trend in traveling has been Milestone Celebrations. Nearly 2/3 of travelers are celebrating something. It can be a Milestone Birthday, a Graduation or Retirement. Even an Empty Nester couple can consider this a Milestone point in their life where their children are grown and now it is just the two of them. Let’s face it, do we need to find a reason to travel?

  • Who is traveling with you? Friends, Family members or just the two of you

  • Set a budget of how much you want to spend.

  • Approximate dates that will work for everyone. Don’t just pick a date and hope everyone can join in. If you do this you will find there will be someone in the group that cannot make it. Make sure these dates are cleared with school, work and anything that could interfere with the vacation.

  • Think about the aspects of your recent trip you loved, and then think about the aspects you would change. Make a two-column list and discuss it with your travel consultant. If he/she knows both the good and the not-so-good, your celebration travel experience will be even better, as we customize the trip even more.

  • If you do not already have a destination in mind this is where a travel consultant can help sort everything out.

Keep in mind what this vacation is all about the return on life. Travel should vastly improve the “bottom line” of your life – namely, your experiences and memories. Celebration travel does just that.


These are just a handful of different types of vacations you can plan with a travel expert. Contact Travel Journeys today or Call 303-663-0238